martedì 10 gennaio 2012


Babonich_0014 by kterkan
Babonich_0014, a photo by kterkan on Flickr.

This is a wonderful set of pictures of my Great Grandmother Elizabeth Heim Babonich.  She is probably about 60 in these photos, and obviously concerned about getting the tone right for the photo.  I can almost imagine her sitting in the photo booth planning each of the very different poses.  My favorite is the one on the bottom right.  I think it captures what was probably her inner personality, but alas I only know of her through the memories of those she lived around.
For a long time I despaired of knowing more about this branch of my family.  However thanks to the miracle of the internet and the ease of international travel, I have discovered more than I thought possible.  I've decided to dedicate a special page about her and the family from Hungary.