venerdì 18 marzo 2011

Threats of Violence

I seem to be following a theme here responding to the dubious content of my email. Well at least it gets me to write.
I received another chain email today. The internet has provided us with wonderful ways to carry on this time-honored tradition. I remember receiving one once in the mail when I was a child. I think that whatever "friend" of mine had sent it must have tried to disguise their handwriting as it was one I didn't recognize. I've completely forgotten the content, but I'm sure that the threat of death or death by accident was somehow involved. What terrible, bullying things we do to each other. The one thing about the email version is that it is difficult to keep the anonymity that the postal service can provide.
Back to today's missive. Apparently God is vengeful. Although, I've always thought that this was the point of Christianity that God was not vengeful. Perhaps I'll be struck dead for saying that at the email indicated God punishes those that mock Him. Perhaps not, because in fact I am not mocking. The list included famous and anonymous people who allegedly mocked God and/or Jesus, and sometime later (from the space of hours or years) met with brutal untimely ends. I'm not sure if my lack of sending it on counts against me. However, I think Jesus would advise me not to intentionally harm others.