martedì 25 dicembre 2007

Buon Natale!

I keep having to say to myself that it is Nah-TAL-eh, not Nat-a-LEH. Well have a good one to each and everyone of you within my reach, which may not be far.
We are having a quiet, sunny Christmas. No snow, but the winter chill is in the air. As far as I can tell, all the snow has been falling in Southern Italy, boo hoo. I realize there are many people cursing the snow back in the U.S., but I would really like a little here. It's winter after all.
Scott gave me a huge piece of copper for Christmas, and a can of pressurized air. I gave him a big copper pot to make polenta for me. At least we kept within the same copper theme. Just in case you think he's a big heel, I actually liked getting the huge piece of copper. I'll use it for making jewelry, one of these days. The can-o-air is great too. Lord knows what is lurking beneath my keyboard.
December has been uneventful. I will be posting some pictures and a travelogue of a trip we made to Cittadella. I have a long list of things to begin, and I'm not waiting until the new year, although eating better will have to wait until after today. There is no way I'm not enjoying onion-dip and potato chips on Christmas!
Wishing everyone a peaceful and fulfilling 2008, as well a lovely, hopefully snowy, Christmas.